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Mike - Little Harbour's maintenance volunteer
Mike's story
Mike has been volunteering for CHSW since 2012 and this has led to some special relationships being made

Unlike life my volunteering did not start with “Little Steps”, I joined CHSW’s Little Harbour on 23rd February 2012, working for the Site Manager Chris Brown.

My main functions are performing weekly and monthly Health and Safety checks and looking after the Ebb and Flow Garden and the Sensory Garden.

Along the way other needs raise their heads, like sweeping the paths, painting, decorating and any general work required.

Two/three months after joining Little Harbour I also volunteered a day a week in the retail side, namely the Little Steps shop in Truro. There I worked with the Manager Ginnie and her assistant Megan. Like Little Harbour my main functions were the cleaning and repair of toys and games and then I graduated to sorting, steaming, customer service and again any general work that was required.

In both roles at times there was a need to work more than one day a week, for example helping get the site ready at Little Harbour for the visit by the Duchess of Cornwall and shop wise to cover holidays and sickness of other volunteers.

So these “Little Steps” grew into big steps especially with Retail as a relationship was formed and some 6 and half years later, namely 12th November 2018 Ginnie and I got married, just going to prove that in my case it all started with Little Steps.