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Why Carol volunteers for CHSW
Carol first heard about Children’s Hospice South West after winning a giant teddy bear in a raffle 8 years ago.

Unsure of where to keep such a big bear, a friend suggested donating it to Charlton Farm, her local children’s hospice. Despite receiving a few funny looks whilst driving her giant fluffy friend (in the passenger seat of her convertible) to Charlton Farm, Carol was so pleased she did as she instantly ‘fell in love with the atmosphere, the place and the people’ and has volunteered with us ever since.

A teacher for 38 years, Carol volunteers at Charlton Farm's Reception and Fundraising Office every Thursday and helps us with everything creative, colourful and crafty, from decorating display boards to painting rainbows onto rocks.

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering with Children's Hospice South West, Carol said: ‘Volunteering at Charlton Farm is very rewarding and I feel like I am part of the family. I  also love volunteering at the events, particularly Rainbow Run. There is always such a strong sense of team spirit and a fun carnival atmosphere. It’s great to see families having fun whilst raising money for the hospice, plus you can get your face painted!’