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Santas on the Run

Terms and conditions

  • Unfortunately your place cannot be transferred and is also non-refundable. Your fee will be used to enable the hospice to care for life-limited children and their families across the South West. If you can’t now take part, please let us know.
  • In extenuating circumstances authorised by the event fundraiser, CHSW will refund any monies relating to the registration fee, after a deduction of a £5 administration fee. Any documentation sent to you (i.e. running number) must be returned before the refund is processed.
  • If, due to unforeseeable circumstances (i.e. extreme weather conditions) the event date changes, your registration will be transferred to the new date, or a full refund offered.
  • I agree that medical advice should be sought from a General Practitioner if I am in any doubt of my physical ability to participate in this event.
  • I confirm that I am 18+, 16-17 with parental consent or if under 16 I will be accompanied on the run with a registered participating parent/guardian.
  • I am aware that photographs and video footage taken during the walk may be used to publicise this event and the work of the charity generally.
  • I agree to all event Terms and Conditions and will abide by the Participant Safety Brief below.
  • Your running number must be worn at all times, please secure it with safety pins to your Santa suit.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for running in under your Santa suit with a well-fitting pair of trainers.
  • Please run no more than two abreast on narrow sections and ensure the public have an equal opportunity to use pavements/pedestrian areas on the route.
  • Please listen carefully to any information or instructions that marshals give when you’re running - they are also there to contact first aid support if you need help.
  • Please be aware of slip and trip hazards.
  • If any runner is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will not be allowed to take part.

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