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A little change can make a big difference, here is Sarah’s story age 6½:

Could you be part of our jigsaw puzzle"When my little brother Jack was born I made a drawing of Mummy, Daddy and Jack and me all happy outside our house in the sunshine. My mummy said our family was now complete".



Could you be part of our jigsaw puzzle"Baby Jack cried a lot and he had to go to the doctors all of the time. Mummy told me that Jack would go and live in heaven one day soon and Daddy said it was like our family had broken into lots of pieces".



Could you be part of our jigsaw puzzle"We now get to go to the Children’s Hospice for holidays and it is the most fun place ever in the world. Mummy says that even though they can’t make my baby brother better, they can help pick up the pieces".



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Every penny - and every smile - you help us to raise makes a big difference to the children and families who need our services. 

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One of our four key values is exercising responsible stewardship and we are always honest about where we get our money and the way in which it is spent. Read more

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