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Having fun with messy play!

Art Therapy or messy play is a key feature at the hospice as it provides an opportunity to try out different artistic activities and offers another way of helping improve the quality of life for all the family.

Our art rooms are a vital space for all our children, particularly the younger children and siblings. It is a place of great creativity which can accommodate sand play, water and all the messy activities.

Getting creative with messy playArt therapy helps to break down barriers and is used as therapy not just for our life-limited children but also their siblings. Sometimes the children have so much to say but cannot find the words to express how they feel, that's when messy play works best.

Every picture tells a story and messy play has helped so many children tell theirs and just like a photo or letter the picture is there forever, alongside the treasured memories. That's what art therapy is all about, besides giving the children a great deal of fun.

The art on the walls of the art therapy rooms will change every time you look! The children choose themes for the room and activities are then centred on the wall theme. In the summer we have themed art weeks and everyone gets involved in some aspect of the project.

Parents also enjoy the chance to come in here and often undertake short projects such as making jewellery or cards while they are staying, as they rarely have time to do so at home. This is another way for families to relax and have a break.

We also have “bedroom craft boxes” so that art therapy/messy play can be taken out of this room and into the children’s bedrooms if they are unable to leave their room.

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