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Moonlight Memory Walk

Terms and conditions

  • This event is open to ladies and Men, aged children 12+ 
  • Participants aged 16-17 years MUST have parental consent.
  • Participants aged 12 to 15 MUST be accompanied by a registered participating adult.
  • I agree to abide by the Participant Safety Brief.

Please ensure you read this carefully:

  • Walkers must stay on pavements where available, walk two abreast on narrow sections and ensure pedestrians have an equal opportunity to use pavements.
  • Walkers should stay aware of slip/trip hazards and road traffic to avoid injury.  
  • No consumption of alcohol is allowed; if a walker is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will not be allowed to take part.
  • Please ensure you bring appropriate clothing for cold or wet weather.
  • Walkers must wear their walker ID lanyard at all times and must hand it in at the finish line.
  • In areas which could present risks from anti-social behaviour from members of the public affected by alcohol, walkers are asked to walk swiftly, not engage in communication and listen to instructions from marshals.
  • Walkers are asked to keep noise to a minimum when walking through residential areas.
  • No walker will be allowed to leave before we officially start the walk, nor leave after the back marshals have set off.

Read our Moonlight Memory Walk FAQs

  • By registering for Moonlight Memory Walk, you agree that you are happy to be entered in to the ‘Making Memories Prize Draw’
  • Any individual who raises sponsorship of over £100 will be entered in to the draw. The ‘Making Memories Prize Draw’ is for individuals who raise beyond the required amount of sponsorship, and no entry fee is paid for this competition
  • Participants are encouraged to raise sponsorship, as your registration fee only covers the cost of your participation in the event.
  • For clarity, an ‘individual’ is the person who raises the most sponsorship on their own, through their own individual efforts.
  • The closing date for the competition is six weeks after the event on Friday 10 May 2019 and all sponsorship monies must be received by CHSW by this date. Any money received after this date will not go towards the competition but will still be received and recorded under the individual’s record. The competition will then be drawn two weeks after this date to allow for administration of the sponsorship.