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Fundraising ideas

  • Play against the clock – people could donate to enter their guess for how quickly you can complete a challenge or what final score you will achieve after a set time. The winner with the closest guess can then get a prize. 
  • Workplace gaming – Get your boss involved so that everyone can take a quick break from work and play for charity. This could also tie in well with a leader board and a set challenge, such as fastest completion time, with a prize for the winner. 
  • Retro gaming – dig out your old consoles and charge people to have a go playing classics from their childhood. 
  • Hold a gaming tournament – everyone can get involved in a tournament, even first time gamers, so get a group of friends or colleagues together and charge a small donation to enter.
  • Livestream gaming marathon – hosting a live stream gaming marathon can attract a whole new audience and can potentially have a worldwide reach. Do this on your own, or in a team, and see how long you can play games continuously.
  • Livestream gaming challenges: These could include: how-to gaming sessions, giving players hints and tips on how to complete games or reach new records, all for kind donations; racing against the clock; knockout tournaments with online entrants or live challenges provided by viewers or competing gamers. 
  • Build something incredible – Flex your artistic talents in the virtual world. Why not recreate the CHSW logo, or Little Bridge House in Minecraft and have your friends and family donate to help you choose colours or materials?

Set up a live stream

Game on!

Whatever you choose to do in your gaming fundraising, we hope you have a great time and thank you for helping to make the most of short and precious lives through Game On. However, please remember to always game responsibly and stay safe online, especially if younger players are joining in. Go gamers! 

  • Choose a console or PC and pick a game to play.
  • What’s your target? Setting a clear goal motivates everyone, including yourself, to achieve it! Also, don’t be afraid to be creative: donate to see the fastest, biggest, most unusual gaming records and times beaten!
  • Get friends, family and employers involved and let them all become part of your team!
  • Set a place and time in advance so you know you have a good internet connection and a location where you’ll be undisturbed.
  • Use the links on our website to setup your JustGiving fundraising page.
  • Shout about your event and share it on social media. The more people that are aware of it, the more potential donations.
  • Don’t forget to play safely and provide yourself with drinks, snacks and plenty of breaks.
  • Learn about CHSW from our website here so that you can share how your supporter’s donations directly benefit our charity. Feel free to get in touch with our fundraisers to learn more too.   
  • Thank everyone for their support once you have completed your fundraiser.

From all the families supported by CHSW and all of the team, thank you and Game On!

Tips to staying safe whilst gaming

  • Take regular breaks – make sure you get up, stretch, and walk around for at least a few minutes every hour
  • Limit your streaming length – only stream for a few hours if you’re going solo, or share a 24-hour stream with others
  • Keep hydrated – make sure you have plenty of water and healthy snacks
  • Look after your eyes – give your eyes a break away from the screen, at least for a few minutes every hour
  • If you’re not feeling well, stop the stream – even if you’ve committed to more hours, stop the stream and look after yourself

You should also be mindful that you don’t feel compelled to keep playing over other activities, or at detriment to yourself. The World Health Organisation has recently recognised gaming disorder as a medical issue. Although not common, this is something to be mindful of. If you are concerned you can find more information and support here.

If you’ve chosen a violent game or one that is rated 18+ you also need to make sure you mark your stream age appropriately on Twitch (or the streaming platform you’re using). Similarly, if you will not be having a PG stream based on the language you use you will need to make sure you make this clear.