Fundraising ideas

Whatever you want to do - perhaps organising a weekly bingo night with a few friends, making a donation in lieu of flowers in memory of a loved one, arranging a cake or craft sale at your school or local club, running a marathon or creating a treasure hunt - we want to help you have fun, as you help us raise vital funds.

We love to hear about all the special events taking place across our region, big and small, so please let us know about them, we have material and information that may be of help so, please email us to let us know about your event

Fundraising is such a great way to make new friends and get involved in the community. All you need is a few ideas…take a look at our A to Z of fundraising!

To find out about events taking place in your area, and throughout the South West you can view them on our events calendars.

Fundraising top tips...

Raising money online

Fundraise online

Setup online sponsorship and save yourself the hassle of collecting the money.

Get in the press

Get press release

Your local media can be a great support. Send them a simple press release  about your event.

Our impact

Our impact

Share our video on your social media and show sponsors the difference they are making!
Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Ask people to GiftAid their sponsorship. We can claim an additional 25p for every £1.

Getting started with your fundraising

  • Start now! The earlier your start the more money you are likely to raise. Start fundraising as early as possible.
  • Raise money online - it's quick and easy.
  • Take your sponsor form everywhere and give copies to friends and family - don't be afraid to tell everyone about what you are doing!
  • Fundraising Hints and TipsAsk your sponsors to give you money up front to save you collecting it in afterwards!
  • Boost your fundraising by holding a cake sale or raffle.
  • Sponsor yourself! Collect all your 2ps and 5ps at home - every little helps!
  • Does your employer offer a matched giving scheme? They might match you pound for pound!
  • Always ask your sponsors to Gift Aid their sponsorship.
  • Publicise your fundraising through your workplace newsletter, intranet or parish magazine. Don't forget to post your event on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Regional media is a great way to spread the word on your challenge. Get in touch and we can send you out our guide to press coverage, and press release templates to use.

Our fundraising teams are here to give you advice, encouragement or to answer any questions you may have so please do feel free to give us a call!

We're here to help

Our experienced Fundraising Teams are here to give you advice, encouragement or answer any questions, including legal and health and safety issues. So do feel free to give us a call.

We can also provide you with t-shirts, posters, leaflets, balloons, banners, collection tins and buckets. Please visit our fundraising tools page, or contact your local fundraiser for help and advice.