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The foodie way to fundraise! 

Host a virtual Cook Eat Give and raise money for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Every meal, however large or small, will make a big difference. Hosting a virtual Cook Eat Give is easy and our fundraising team are still here to help you every step of the way. Simply invite friends and family for a virtual dinner party, each cook a meal of your choice, pair good company with some fun entertainment and all make a donation via your online fundraising page! 

Pizza on a plateIngredients

  • A bunch of family/friends/neighbours/colleagues 

  • A virtual meeting platform of your choice (such as Zoom, Houseparty, Facebook rooms, Google hangouts) 

  • A drizzle of creativity 

  • Some fun entertainment 


Wow each other with creativity and cook up a meal to impress, or simply pop a pizza in the oven! 

Connect on a video platform such as Zoom, Houseparty, Facebook rooms or Google hangouts and enjoy a virtual meal together.


Make a donation to help support children living with life-limiting conditions.

Can't make that week? You can of course hold a virtual Cook Eat Give at anytime!

Why take part?

Imagine being told that your child, or a child you know, has a life-limiting condition and is unlikely to reach adulthood. By hosting a Cook Eat Give you can help local familes that have recieved such news. 

Together with your help, we aim to make the most of every moment for these families. At the children's hospice food is very often a feature. Siblings baking treats in the kitchens, families eating together around our large dining tables, our cooks preparing home-cooked meals for children with special dietary requirements or a simple biscuit and a cuppa over a supportive chat.

Planned respite stays offer an opportunity for a break and parents often say they cherish the rare chance to sit down and eat together as a family. By hosting a Cook Eat Give you'll not only enjoy time with your own friends and family, but you'll help to ensure local families can continue to have these important times. 

Dinner at home for us is when the girls want it and I’m holding Sophia, eating with one hand because I can’t put her down. But at the hospice I get to eat with a knife and fork, which feels like a luxury! We all sit together around the table as a family. That time means such a lot to me.

Our services are free to families who need us, but we need your help to continue this support. Cook Eat Give is a fun and simple way you can raise money and smiles with food around your own dining table, and every penny you raise will help make the most of short and precious lives.

Interview with Sarah, a cook at Charlton Farm

Interview with Sarah Benny, a cook at Charlton Farm

Girl baking

How your support helps

Every penny you raise hosting a Cook Eat Give event supports the work of Children's Hospice South West and makes a big difference to the children and familes we support.

Read some of our heartwarming family stories and find out how your generosity and support makes such an impact.

Laura Board Community Fundraiser

Need help?

If you would like to find out more about this event, or need help with your Cook Eat Give event, just click the ask a question button to send us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

Call Laura on 01271 325 270
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Hungry for more!

By holding your own virtual foodie fundraiser, every penny you raise will go directly to helping local families. 

Here are a few ideas to make it a fun and memorable evening for you and your guests: 


  • Pizza party 
  • Fish supper 
  • Mexican fiesta 
  • Rustic BBQ 
  • Sushi soiree 
  • Chinese 
  • Cocktails and canapés 

Donation ideas 

  • Donation fine for talking about work! 
  • Guess the ingredients of a dish (donation per entry) 
  • Hold an after-dinner virtual quiz (donation per entry) 
  • Share our family stories with your guests before or during your event, so they know exactly how their kind donations will help 

Conversation starters 

  • What do you like to cook the most? 
  • Who is the best cook in your family/household/team? 
  • What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten? 
  • Do you have a favourite celebrity chef? 
  • Have you ever had a disaster in the kitchen? 
  • Who is the worst cook in your house!? 


  • “I went to the shops and bought...” (memory game) 
  • Most likely to... 
  • Ready, steady, cook – what can you make with a certain 4 ingredients? 
  • Bingo 
  • Name, place, animal, thing (beginning with the same letter, first person to get all four wins) 
  • Pictionary 
  • Charades 


Set up Just Giving page

Set up Virgin Money Giving page

  • Girl baking£20 could pay for the ingredients for baking sessions with the siblings for a week
  • £50 could pay for a Sunday roast dinner for the families staying at one hospice
  • £75 could pay the weekly milk, egg and cheese bill at one of our hospices
  • £100 could pay the daily food bill at one of our hospices
  • £200 could pay for fresh fruit and veg for a week at one of our hospices
  • Specialist medical care is available 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year
  • Services are free for families; providing short breaks for respite, palliative, emergency and end of life care
  • It costs around £11million each year to stay open. Funds are raised almost entirely from voluntary donations
  • We care for the whole family, including sibling support for well brothers and sisters. 
  • The average amount of time a family uses our services is six years
  • Each of our hospices has a special room called ‘Starborn’ in which after a child dies they can be laid for up to seven days. This allows families to be in an environment where they can say goodbye to their child
  • We offer a bereavement service for as long as a family requires it. Many return to our annual bereavement days at each hospice
  • HRH Duchess of Cornwall is our patron