Payroll giving

Payroll giving for employees

How does it work?

Payroll giving (also known as workplace giving or Give As You Earn) is a tax efficient and easy way to support Children's Hospice South West.

You choose the amount you'd like to donate and then each payday, your gift will be deducted automatically from your gross salary (after National Insurance but before tax). This means the tax you would have paid on your donation is also given to Children's Hospice South West.

Therefore, a £10 donation for a basic rate taxpayer (20%) will only actually cost £8 or just £6 for higher rate taxpayers (40%)! Please see table below for more examples.

Pledge to Children's Hospice South West
Cost to employee 
(20% tax)
Cost to employee
(40% tax)
£5.00 per month
£10.00 per month
£15.00 per month
£20.00 per month


How do I sign up?

Becoming a payroll giver is simple, quick and easy. To set up your regular donation, simply complete our Payroll giving form and send a copy to us, and to your employer. 

Payroll giving form

If your employer/pension provider does not already operate a payroll giving scheme it can be set up easily, with minimal investment or administrative resource. Please contact one of our corporate fundraisers for more information on how to set up payroll giving.

Alternatively, for more information or to set up payroll giving you can do so through the following external organisations: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Charities Trust and Charitable Giving.

How does it help CHSW?

Regular donations from payroll giving are extremely valuable, allowing us to plan for the future. By signing up you will be making a tangible difference to the life-limited children and families we support, for many years to come.


Payroll giving for employers

Are you an employer?

Setting up a payroll giving scheme is quick and easy. Not only is it a great opportunity to demonstrate your support for charities that are important to your employees, it also enables you to generate a sustainable income stream to good causes.

How do we sign up?

All you need to do is sign up with a Payroll Giving Agency, which will then transfer the donations direct to CHSW, on your behalf. It’s as simple as that!

What is the Payroll Giving Quality Mark?

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is a national programme which awards bronze, silver and gold awards according to staff participation rates. One third of companies which offer payroll giving feel that it improves staff retention. 

Need more information? For more details about Payroll Giving in the workplace, please contact your local corporate fundraiser.


What our supporters say...

Chris, Headford Group
“We wanted to donate on a more regular basis and Payroll Giving was instantly something of interest - it made sense as it was a simple and tax efficient way for our staff to donate if they wished.

We were overwhelmed at the response we had with staff members wanting to donate some of their gross salary every month. It was simple for our accounts department to set up and by the next pay day we were individually donating our chosen amount.

It’s something every new member of staff is told about and as we grow, our donations to Children’s Hospice South West will grow also. We feel Payroll Giving is the best, easiest and most consistent way to donate.”

- Chris Tissier, Group Operations Manager, Headford Group 



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